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Andrew Keil
Director and Founder

Andrew is the Director and Founder of Visytel Pty Ltd.

After graduating with a degree in Applied Science (majoring in Physics and Computer Science and specialising in Acoustics), Andrew moved into the world of telecommunications and has focused on that industry ever since.

He previously delivered a standardised fast-time-to-market telephony platform for an International Service Provider (Legion UK) and also worked with Telenor Norway in designing and developing what was then the largest virtual call centre and virtual switchboard platform.

Now he brings the techniques and skills from previous experience to Visytel's own carrier grade SIP based telephony solution.

Andrew is renowned throughout the industry for his in depth knowledge of Telecom Services and Protocols and has accrued over 25 years of experience which can assist businesses in making the correct decisions.

In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano, hiking and supporting his local AFL team North Melbourne.

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